Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Work work work

I had to use the rest of my vacation before the end of last week...so I used 2 days and still lost 3...but whatever...then I was in Hazard the first part of the week...so it's been a whole since I've been in my own store again...weird

It sucks trying to eat right when chick-fil-a and a new restaurant just opened up in the mall...but I know my wedding is coming and I've got to lose more weight! So it's all worth it!  

Didn't work out today. I was lazy. Oops. Typical me...but I have GRIT at 6am...so there's that...and body pump at 10am and honestly, I should go to PIYO tomorrow night too...but we'll see if I'm up for the triple workout!!! 

Going to bed. Whoo. 

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