Friday, January 10, 2014

First week of GRIT exercises complete!

Whoo! Glad that's over. Oh, wait. It's not. There's more. And it just gets harder. More reps. Faster. 
Ok, I have to quit whining. It's all gonna be worth it. That's what I want, right? To have my ass kicked? To be hotter than ever? Yes, yes that's what I want. Here we go. One week down. Day 7 of diet starts today. 

I'll weigh myself when I re-wake up. Remember, I'm doing these workouts at 6am. Also, I am NOT a morning person. At all. I had a lot of vacation time that I had to be taken by the end of the week or it's lost. Well, 3 days of it is lost...but that's ok. Glad that I didn't take it before now because this week was a good resting week. Didn't purposely plan it, but it's been nice. Wish I could lie and say I accomplished something else... But I didn't! Haha! I did think of a cool makeup look this morning while I was in the shower that's pretty exciting 

I've been lying to myself pretending that I'm gonna clean my car out today or organize all of my clothes...we'll see what happens. Good luck to me...haha

Need to look up evening class schedule at Brickhouse tonight...might need to attend...hmm...

I didn't go to ripped tonight. I did a new makeup look instead. I'll post that info tomorrow. 

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