Thursday, January 9, 2014

Flowers & work

So...I worked today. I got off at 5 and met with my wedding planner Julie. So excited!!!! After discussing my ideas with Julie and my florist, I'm more excited now than ever!!!! Eek!!! So many great ideas! 

Decided to make the wedding more "mermaid's treasure" and less "cliche bullshit." That's pretty exciting! I'm thinking pearls everywhere and shells and everything beautiful! My heart is racing because of all of these great ideas!!!!

I should probably get in bed because I have to be up at 520 for GRIT strength!!! Eek!!! It's a weight-lifting in pretty excited about that too! 

Moral of the story: I am excited. About everything! 

This picture is so ugly that it looks like a terrible snapchat that you send to your friends. Ehhh, I don't care, haha 

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