Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Lazy day

Today was our first day of GRIT Plyo. And it was terrible. Haha. I do not have the balance for those stair thingies yet. But I know it will get better! Kaitlyn and Michele wouldn't let us give up! They kicked our asses today...but I know we will be thanking them soon! 

I've lost 6 lbs (I was also on my period at the beginning of the weigh-in...but let's pretend that's not real). Calli and I have been doing the diet for 5 that's pretty awesome! 

Still praying to Jesus that I can lose 34 more before the wedding! It's going to be tough...but I truly think it's possible...especially because I'm going to do 2 GRIT sessions back to back!

Guess I should get out of bed and eat something. Aztec is already up and wondering why I am not doing the same!!! Dan is sleeping next to me though and it's hard to resist a hug! 

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