Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Lime Crime's Candy Apple

Lime Crime's Candy's such a gorgeous cherry red shade! It has small flecks of glitter and looks amazing on!!! I wish I had a better picture of the gloss! I can't stop looking at it!!! All of these glosses are so beautiful and faceted! I just can't get enough

Lime Crime's Cherry On Top

Lime Crime's Cherry On Top is a pretty pinkish-red shade. For some reason, this shade did bleed a little...maybe I have weird lips. Hehe. It's a really nice's a shame it didn't photograph well with my camera...oh, well...still love it :)

Lime Crime's Golden Ticket

Lime Crime's Golden Ticket...super pretty...and I will definitely be wearing this. It did take more coats than the other colors...but that's to be's a lighter shade :)

Lime Crime's Loop-de-loop

Lime Crime's Loop-de-loop is also amazing!! It's such a pretty blue-sparkly color!!! I think this color is my favorite of all of the new Lime Crime glosses! It photographs well and I think it's my new obsession!

Lime Crime's Carousel Gloss Kaleidoscope

First of all, these glosses are amazing! The pigment is really intense (which is no surprise coming from Lime Crime)....however, it's not too thick that's it's goopy or gross. The applicator a tiny brush...smaller than most glosses so the application is easy! Lime Crime didn't forget about the packaging's super adorable and even has the unicorn symbol on the top :) The gloss stays on really well--and I love it!!! It's even prettier than this picture depicts!

Saturday, January 29, 2011