Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New year!!! Whoo!

I've decided that since it's a new year and I've had this blog for years and have never really used it...it's time!!! Nobody really knows about my blog right now so it's perfect. Every day I'm going to write a little something about how my day went. I think it will be fun and interesting to read later...even if it's just a few months later. Besides, isn't that the point of a blog anyway??? 
For years I have struggled to love myself and it's a breath of fresh air to be on the write path for that journey. I've lost a lot of weight this past year...but it's not enough. Not only am I no where near the body I want...I'm still not comfortable in my skin. I feel awkward and embarrassed and I'm nervous people are looking at me and talking about my appearance...I know that I'm being crazy...but in those little moments I can't stop it. But I have finally decided to love myself as a person. I'm funny and loud. And I don't care. If somebody thinks I'm annoying, that's his/her problem. I'm pretty awesome. If you don't like me, don't be my friend. Nobody is forcing you to be around me.
Anyway, I'm off track. Like always. That's kinda my style. 

So...everyday...gonna take a picture and document this year. Plus, it will be a good reminder of how far I have come with my weight loss...nah, let's say body and mind transformation. Because that's what it is. Changing how I treat myself and my body. What did I do? How's wedding planning? How's the self-love going? Did something awesome hapen? Did nothing happen? I don't know yet. Guess we'll see the direction of this experiment. 

So...how today is so far...it's pretty great. Went to a New Year's Eve party with some great friends and I even got to kiss Dan at midnight. So that's pretty awesome. My kitty is happy and so are we. I work at 9am and I still haven't taken my makeup off and it's 2:30. I should probably get it together and do that....
Post-party selfie. 

Before the party! 

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Gingerbread nails!

More holiday nail fun! Whoo!!! And like always, I didn't feel like doing 4 gingerbread men...so I did just 2...that's plenty!! 
Anyway, here are the colors I used:
Ciate and Essie 
Which look like this when they're "not decorated:" 
Obviously, before I even started I had already decided on only 2 gingerbread men! 
I had a bit of a problem though...no polish that's the color of a gingerbread man. I know. I couldn't believe it either. I have a serious nailpolish problem and I didn't have one!!! So...I mixed two! 
There's really no point in telling you what the colors are because they have been discontinued for such a long time...but the Lancôme is a light gold sheen and the Mac is a nude cream shade. 
Together they make the perfect gingerbread man color!!!! 
Of course the week after I did this mani I found the perfect color for $4. Haha. Oh, well.

Here's my first little gingerbread that I made using nail dotters! 

He's a happy little booger!

This polish's glitter is so pretty!!!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Peppermint Swirl nails

Another fun holiday mani!!!! Whoo! This is one of my favorite manis ever! Like always, they're not perfect...but I still love them!!! The little peppermint swirls are just so cute!!!! 
The colors used are Wet and Wild in French White Creme with a coat of a pearly white from rue21, OPI in Big Apple Red with a coat of OPI Gettin' Miss Piggy With It and an ultra-thin coat of rue21 green glitter. 
No flash
With flash
No flash
No flash
With flash 

Monday, December 2, 2013

Christmas lights nails

So...I have to accept that it's December...and take advantage of all of the cute nail art ideas I have!!! 
The base is Rue 21 Cactus Flower. The lights are a bunch of random Rue 21 polishes that I have collected over the past year. 
The color is actually a lot darker than this picture depicts...but it shows the lights better so I'm gonna go with it! Haha! More details later...

Snowflake nails!

Here's some fun snowflake nails! I did make a pictorial...and I posted it on here...but it didn't post...so I will add those details later! 
Colors used: 
Ciate Pepperminty and Blizzard for glitter nails and Butter London Victoriana for Snowflake nails. 

Blizzard is from Ciate's "Tree Trinkets" collection! It's just too cute! 
Before adding Blizzard