Friday, August 23, 2013

Essie Luxe Effects review

This polish was so hard to photograph! I know that everybody already has this polish...but I haven't really played with it until tonight! I'm in love! It's gorgeous! It gives you sure a beautiful effect! It literally looks like little gold flakes on your nails! The color I used is "As Gold As It Gets." What a cute name!
With the flash on, you can barely see the sparkle at all! When you move your nails you can really see all of the different flakes! They're like mini gold flake prisms...if that makes any sense at all! Regardless, you need to pick up a bottle! 
You can kind of see the bigger flakes in this out of focus picture. 
By the way, this is what the navy blue polish looked like before the luxe effects was added! 
By looking at these flash/ non-flash treasures, I hope you can tell what this polish looks like! 

Thanks for reading, 

Panda nails

These panda nails were made for my friend Chelsea! She's been asking me for 2 years. Not lying...she really has been asking for 2 years. Haha. Anyway...
I'm on a trip for work and I don't have my laptop, so I can't upload any pictures from my camera yet! Anyway, I used a generic black and a generic white polish with nail dotters to create the majority of this little panda! The background color is Top Shop's "Green Room." It's a beautiful teal. As you can tell...after I made the Panda's eyes I added a little more black to make the eyes more realistic and oval-shaped and less round. I added a little bow just to make the panda a little girl! 
I should have made pictorials/ step-by-step pictures of the bamboo and the full-body panda...but I didn't! Sorry! 
This nail design didn't turn out perfect...but I like it anyway! 
Thanks for reading!