Friday, August 23, 2013

Panda nails

These panda nails were made for my friend Chelsea! She's been asking me for 2 years. Not lying...she really has been asking for 2 years. Haha. Anyway...
I'm on a trip for work and I don't have my laptop, so I can't upload any pictures from my camera yet! Anyway, I used a generic black and a generic white polish with nail dotters to create the majority of this little panda! The background color is Top Shop's "Green Room." It's a beautiful teal. As you can tell...after I made the Panda's eyes I added a little more black to make the eyes more realistic and oval-shaped and less round. I added a little bow just to make the panda a little girl! 
I should have made pictorials/ step-by-step pictures of the bamboo and the full-body panda...but I didn't! Sorry! 
This nail design didn't turn out perfect...but I like it anyway! 
Thanks for reading! 

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