Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Summer look using Lancome's summer colors

This is a fun summer look using Lancome's new summer color collection. I always buy their color collections because they're so gorgeous! I'm also just pretty obsessed with Lancome...

Obviously, start with a naked eyelid!!!

I added Nyx's jumbo pencil in Milk as a base over the whole eyelid. 

The color I applied first is Vert Tendresse (it's the top center shade in the palette) in the corner of the eye.

Next I added the coral shade in the palette across the rest of the lid and Canary Chic under the brow bone. 

With a liner brush, I added Blue Teal as a bottom liner (it's the shade on the upper right). I added two layers to get a really rich color. I normally wouldn't wear such a thick line...but I was feeling frisky...or something. haha.
I had to add Lancome's Le Stylo WP liner on the bottom and their Liner Design on the top. (Le Stylo WP is a creamy roll-up pencil and Liner Design is a pot cream liner). 
I added a little bit of the dark brown shade in the palette (it's called Kissed By Gold and it's the bottom right shade). I didn't use very much because I wanted to use just enough to blend the whole look together. 
The mascara application is a lengthy one that I promise to break down in its entirety one day...but the steps are: 1. Oscillation Powerbooster, 2. Oscillation mascara, 3. Definicils, and Hypnose Drama. Yes, all of these steps are necessary. Lashes don't lie! ;)

As you can tell, I didn't go crazy with blending. But I love the way this look turned out! 

Thanks for reading!!!!!