Thursday, January 16, 2014


Whoo! My favorite! I love Piloxing so much! I didn't take a full class though.

Kaitlyn had to do her video for GRIT, so I volunteered to be a victim for that. Hehe. Not really a victim...but my right shoulder hurts so bad. It's so sore. 
Maybe this is my body saying, "hey, get your ass to yoga." 

I'm just so tired right now that I don't even have the energy in me. I'll have to man up. Haha.

Anyway, Piloxing...Abby told me to have a block ready next week....that means Monday!!! Ahh!!! Need to get my ass in gear!!! It's my favorite class and it's time I get my life here we go!!!

Also, I can't believe I forgot to mention! My hair dresser squeezed me in today! Her salon didn't have the exact colors she and I wanted to use...but it still looks great! I wanted the blue to be more aqua-ish...but that's ok! It's a pretty blue and the bottom of my hair looks like a peacock!!! Haha. Dan hates colors...but the funny thing is, he's going to like this better because the colors are dark and he would pee his pants if I had BLACK hair year he will be happier haha

I couldn't get a very good picture myself...but here's what I got for you: 
Right after I got it done...see, you can barely tell in pictures... But here's some more for you anyway: 
It looks pink-ish here...but there's no's pretty weird 
Different can tell here it's blues and purples! 
In this picture, you can't tell at all!
The flash is killing my am not drunk. I don't even really drink...
Anyway, my hair looks cool...hopefully I can get a better picture soon. 

GRIT strength at 6am. Wah. I just did this! Haha but I volunteered for this pain! Actually, I paid for this pain!

But I will tell you, it's only the second week...and my thighs look a lot better and I've lost inches off of my waist and hips. I will tell you the inches lost mid-program and post-program. 

And I already know that I'm signing up for a second session...because I like torture apparently! Actually because the results are great!

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