Friday, January 10, 2014

Peacock feather makeup

I had this vision of a giant peacock feather on the side of my face while I was taking a shower after GRIT. I'm really into this "dramatic makeup on one side of the face" thing. I don't know why that's my recent obsession...but it is. Haha 

I made the eyelashes by cutting the side of a peacock feather and individually placing each one on with eyelash glue. Then I added "liner" of black crystals. 
It was time consuming...but I am obsessed with this peacock feather lashes. This is the third time that I have made them, but this is the first time that I have made them for myself!
 Finished product

I'm kind of obsessed with how they turned out! But I knew I would be because I have done them before. 

The lips are Lime Crime Carousel glosses in Loop-de-loop, Hollygram, and Golden Ticket. I'm basically in love with Lime Crime. Their colors are fantastic and their pigmentation is to-die-for!!! 

Overall, I like the way it turned out...but it looks crazy in some pictures. Haha. Oh, well. 

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