Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Dumb mistakes/ zpalette obsession

To further my hatred for snow, I couldn't drive myself to work...again. Because of this I didn't need my keys...well, I left all of my keys at home...that means I'm stuck in the middle of the mall sitting here  waiting for another manager to get here. So I'm pretty pissed off right now. 

And, yes, I realize that I am the one who left the keys...not "the snow," but I'm still pissed because I would have had my car and my keys if there was no snow. 


I just have so much shit to do today to prepare for this inventory. So mad that I'm stuck outside of the store right now!!!! 

GRIT was cancelled today due to weather. Actually, all of Brickhouse's classes were so I don't even have that to look forward to tonight! Wah! 

Basically, this is a whiny post. 

At least last night I go to depot a ton of eyeshadows/ blushes:

I have more to do...and I love doing it...but "alcoholing" the glue off of the back of each piece takes forever! 

Since I won't be able to drive to the store tonight, I guess that's on my agenda for the night. More depotting. 

I wish I wasn't such an anal bitch about it...because it really stresses me out to have different shapes of eyeshadows/blushes in the same zpalette. I like for it to be uniform. 

This one makes my heart happy because it's all the same thing! They're all Lancôme eyeshadows from years of GWPs. This was one of my first zpalettes...but I'm sure that's obvious by looking at the condition of its lid. 

Another happy zpalette! It's filled with all Lancôme eyeshadows except the four farthest to the right...those are MAC.

I think it just bothers me if I feel like I'm wasting space in a zpalette! :( 

I'm sure I will rearrange this zpalette and the peacock one eventually...might even be tonight! 

Blushes and bronzes! 

This one is Halloween makeup, so it doesn't bother me as much as the others. It's not used very often. 

This one's comprised of pressed pigments and miscellaneous shadows. 

The palettes I really worked on last night:

Mostly Lancôme eyeshadows...I think you may be beginning to understand my addiction...

All Lancome eyeshadows...they're from quads...I'm telling you...I have problems...

I rearranged this one almost in its entirety. 
It's Lancôme, MAC, BH cosmetics, and Pop beauty eyeshadows. 

This one's my newest zpalette. It's a work in progress and stresses me out by being so many different things! I added the mirror from a limited edition quad because I love it so, it never hurts to have an extra mirror! 

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