Friday, January 3, 2014

Can't believe I forgot to mention

My wedding dress came in yesterday!!!! It's at my aunt's I can't try it on for a little bit longer. I'm probably going home for my sister Julia's 25th birthday! So that's perfect. Her birthday is the 27th and my cousin Amanda is having a birthday party for Julia. So it would be an amazing trip! 

I was supposed to get my hair done with some fun colors today...but the snow ruined that for me! So we're going to reschedule for next week. I hate when it snows. I feel like a helpless 5 yr old. I need to go  to the store. I'm so hungry...but I can't! My car just can't handle it! Wah. Dan has to drive me to work and I will need a ride home too. 

Because I'm a grown-up...I had to wear this awesome sweatshirt...which I loved as soon as we got it in the store! 

Don't be jealous that I'm such a grown-up!!!! 
I love this movie! I need to see the second one...but I'm too lazy to do anything. Haha.   
Anyway, I'm off to work!

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