Tuesday, January 7, 2014


That's how I feel. Starving. Also, I would love to have a piece of mango...or a strawberry...someone give it to me right now!!! 

I'm off today and should be cleaning. But I'm not. I need to get it together. 

Conference call at 3pm. 

Calli and I decided to go to Body Combat tonight....

Well, some fun treasures happened. I ran out to her car and waved. Mistake. I fell right on my ass...and hurt the entire left side of my body...But this gets better...Calli comes to my rescue and falls too. Basically, the ice hates us!

We ventured to Body Combat and now we hurt even more! Haha. It's all worth r though. 

I made a very delicious GRIT-approved meal and I feel encouraged again. So I guess all and all, day 4 hasn't been too bad!

Oh, and the yummy meal I made: 

We're required to take a picture of all of our meals as proof that we're being good children and to encourage and support each other. This was my last meal of the day. It was chicken, broccoli, veggies and cauliflower "rice." 
Very filling. Very yummy. 

I also did my nails. You need to know about it. 

China Glaze Fairy Dust. A new favorite. 

Goodnight. GRIT at 6am!!! 

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