Wednesday, March 20, 2013

"Dark Chocolate" makeup

This was not the original intention that I had in mind when I started this makeup look...but we all know that I am a major fan of the smokey eye. It's just so beautiful!

Of course, most of the products I used are limited edition eyeshadows that I have forever...but I will list the products that are current!

Obviously, before mascara is added...
All of the eyeshadows are l.e. Lancome shadows except the crease. It's a fairly new product to Lancome. Its texture is like a creamy-powder. It's called Color Design Infinite 24H in 602 Forever Noir. I applied with my finger to make the blending easier, then I took a blending brush to blend out the color even more!
The bottom eyeliner is Lancome's Le Stylo WP in Noir. The top eyeliner is Lancome's Liner Design in 601 Black Fishnets. (My typical daily go-to liner combo). 
As you can tell, my contacts were really bothering me that night!

Mascara is my favorite thing ever! All Lancome. 3 part series. I will write a blog on my mascara routine in detail one day...but for now: it's Oscillation Powerbooster, Oscillation mascara, and then Hypnose Drama to seal the deal!
The lips before I added the metallic brown eyeshadow in the center. This beautiful black shade is Lime Crime's Styletto.

The whole look before it was turned officially into "Dark Chocolate."
The shade that I used is obviously a medium-brown metallic shade. I put it on with my ring finger and blended it slightly. I really like the way it turned out, personally. 
Dark Chocolate completed!

In this lighting I think that you can tell what the brown looks like better overall than you can in the previous pictures. 

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