Friday, April 5, 2013

Sugar Skull #2

Another sugar skull look! Once again, this one was created to be a reference for a photographer and a model that I will working with in the near future! This look is more floral and encompasses more Sunset-y colors! This was a simple sugar skull look that didn't take that long. I really like the purple and blue sugar skull that I did more...however, I'm still going to create this post!

First I had to make my face white! I used a 3 part method. After applying moisturizer I added a white Lancome face primer that I have had forever. Then I put a white face powder that I bought from Hot Topic, then I put a small amount of a shiny Lancome loose face powder almost as a highlighter on my cheekbones and on my chin. After making my face white, I added Nyx's jumbo eye pencil in Milk on some of the areas that I know will need to have intense color. Now I have a semi face-stencil! 

The cult classic Coastal Scents 88 original palette helped to create this bright sugar skull look. 

The white on the inner lid is Nyx's Milk. The black liner is Lancome's cream eyeliner in 601 Black Fishnets. A major favorite of mine. I used E.L.F. false eyelashes with Nyx small, colored individual lashes.

I created an eye ombre by simply putting a yellow shadow, then an orange shadow, then a bright pink shadow on the "socket" region of the sugar skull face. Then I took a blending brush and blurred the colors together so that the sockets were an ombre instead of harsh colors in a row. 

You can tell here that I added the colored individual lashes.

You can tell here slightly too that I added the colored individual lashes. It looked so cool in real life...but my camera couldn't capture it! 
The flower is the same shades as the eye socket ombre. But i'm sure you could already tell that! 

Honestly, I'm not sure what brand or color this lipstick is. I've had it forever. The spiderweb was created with a random black pencil liner and accented with Lime Crime's Love Potion #9

No flash!
I added Lime Crime's Styletto on the outer edge of the lips and blended it. Sorry that I didn't get a better picture of this! 

The swirls spots are Lime Crime's Alchemy colors too. 

Minor cheek hollowing. 

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