Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Rainbow lips

Just an easy Rainbow lip using all Lime Crime glosses...sorry the image quality and lighting is terrible. My camera wouldn't charge for whatever reason so these were taken using Photo Booth on my Macbook Pro.

You may or may not be aware that Lime Crime often releases colors that are limited edition...which drives me crazy and causes me to immediately buy them. may not be able to purchase all of these colors anymore. Their color payoff is so amazing that I can't resist incessantly buy their products! 

Even though this look is sure does make my teeth look white! 

This look was created using all of Lime Crime's Carousel Glosses except Present and Snowsicle (which  I also own because I have makeup issues). 

You can't tell but these glosses have such dimension! I am so obsessed with Lime Crime and recommend all of their products! 
An adorable, little gay boy pointed out to me that this look is perfect for a pride parade...when I finally attend one this is the lip look I will be wearing for sure!
Thanks for reading my blog! 

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