Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sugar Skull makeup

A model that I know is thinking of doing a sugar skull shoot. Nothing has been finalized and I plan to do a few more different types of sugar skull looks for her to pick her favorite aspects of all of these looks and hopefully the photographer, she, and I can create some magic!!!! 

Sorry that these close-ups are so blurry; they're the only pictures that I have that show that the lashes are spider webs (Also, sorry for the run-on sentence...Oops). 

To create the "white face," I used a generic white powder that I had from Halloween one year mixed with a light weight moisturizer applied with a foundation brush. The spider web and all of the black designs/lines is Lime Crime 's unliner in Quill. The purple eyeshadow used for the whole eye socket is Lime Crime's Love Potion #9 from the Alchemy palette. The blue eyeshadow used on the "chin flower" is also from the Alchemy palette, it's Divination. The light blue liner used as accents on the flower is Lime Crime's unliner in Blue Milk. The dots around the eye sockets are both M.A.C. liquid eyeliners, the purple is Inkspill and the teal shade is Peacock-y. The lipstick is a limited edition shade from Lancome from Fall '08 (I think '08) there's no use of even mentioning its name...but I will anyway (Femme Mystere). The black for the nose was some random black face paint I had from last doesn't photograph well so I will be using something else for the "real thing."

These were the only fake flowers I had...I will be buying more of those before the actual photo shoot too. 

I received a phone call as I was finishing this my hair fell out...obviously not enough bobby pins. 

Also, I slightly tinted the bottom lashes with Blue Milk and rimmed the inside of my eyes with Nyx 's Milk! 

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