Monday, July 29, 2013

Dream catcher and feather nails

Hey! This is one of my favorite nail art designs that I have done! Just love the little dream catcher! 
The background color is O.P.I. "My Vampire is Buff." 
I have been reading everywhere about this I finally bought myself one! It is a really pretty neutral color!                      Dream catcher breakdown:
I created this dream catcher using Stripe Rite in black, finger paints in white, l.a. Colors in baby pink and magenta (which is actually purple), sinful colors nail art in sunset. The beads are Ciate Electronica, Mojito, and Headliner. 
The major part of the dream catcher! I see so many dream catcher designs and the center of their dream catchers are all symmetrical and even...well, in real life dream catchers aren't just 3 little I made mine look like how dream catchers actually look! 
It's not hard to figure out what happens next- 3 little lines! 
As you can tell I added white feather detail. I didn't care that the lines weren't all perfect...I knew I was adding color on top of the white, I'm not OCD. I'm pretty chill. Haha. 
Then I added the colors to the feathers to make them look more realistic and pretty! 
Finally the beads! Yay! The dream catcher is complete. 
Close up on the feather details. Once again, it's not perfect. And, I don't care! I love my dream catcher exactly how it is!
Next, my single feather! I started with Finger Paints white (hip hip hue-ray) and created a base for my feather. 
Then I added extra thin lines with Stripe Rite in Black. I barely put any pressure on the brush as I created these lines. 
To create the final level of dimension for my feather, I added a few stripes of l.a. Colors Art Deco in Silver Glitter. 
Random close-up of the pinky finger! It was created using Stripe Rite in Black and Green and l.a. Colors in Magenta.
The thumb colors are Magenta, Headliner, and Mojito. 

Thanks for reading! -Marissa

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