Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Chevron nails

Hey! I'm finally getting my life together and writing you a little blog post! From the title, you already know it's a chevron mani!
 So.... To start this mani i painted all of my nails white and added these beautiful Ciate colors:
I used the "tape method" to create the perfect chevron look. First, paint the desired chevron color on a piece of clear tape and let it dry completely. Like this:
  Then take a pair of craft scissors and cut chevron shaped strips. They will look like this:
When using the craft scissors, make sure the zig-zags are lined up. I always place the tape at the bottom of the scissors' blades so I'm sure the two rows of zig-zags always line up! 
The next step is pretty obvious, place the painted tape strips on the nail where you want the design! Next, take nail scissors and cut the excess tape off the sides of your nail! To get the orange strips so bright, i layered Speed Dial over a white polish to get a more intense orange color on the tape. 
Little chevron tape strips! 
Before I busted out the nail scissors!
My right hand after I added studs to the ring finger and pinky finger. 
I even added more little tape chevrons to my middle finger. 
A better view of the right hand's nails. 
With flash! 
 Thanks for reading! 

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