Monday, June 30, 2014

Strawberry nails

So...Ciate posted a contest requesting your Ciate strawberry mani for mani Monday...well, here's mine! As we all know, Ciate is my favorite!!!!!!! 

The colors are Ciate's palm tree, Boudiour, Christmas tree caviar, enchanted rose, and very colourfoil in shout. I kind of have a problem--I'm completely obsessed with all of Ciate's products...since the theme was Strawberry manicure...and it's a Ciate contest--well, you see my point. 

It was kind of a pain to pick out the gold caviar beads one by one...but I had a vision and I had to complete it!

Totally worth all of that sorting though...but this mess will not be fun to clean up:

And poor, poor Dan...he's so clean and organized...and I'm so crafty and messy. It's a sad life for him. 

I almost made the mani without the foil...but I love it so much better with the looked pretty terrible without it:

I like the "semi-abstract-ness" of the baby strawberries though...yes, that's a made-up word...but how else would I describe them? 
Like most of my manis, they're not perfect...and I like it that way. 

Thanks for reading, 
- Marissa

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