Friday, October 4, 2013

Halloween nails

Here's my first Halloween manicure of October!!! I love it so much! It turned out so cute!!! 
In case you're not sure what's going on: 
Thumb is a mummy.
Index finger is a spider on a web.
Middle finger is a pumpkin.
Ring finger is a skull.
Pinky is Frankenstein.
I hope that that was all obvious or my feelings are hurt!!!

The background shade to the mummy and the spider is OPI My Vampire Is Buff. The background to the middle finger is Essie Bikini So Teeny. The background to the ring finger is OPI Alpine Snow. The background to the pinky is Milani Hi-Tech. 

The first nail that I did was the skeleton. After painting the whole nail white, I used Stripe Rite in Black to outline the sides of the skull's this:

Then I colored in the sides and added its mouth! I drew the horizontal line before adding the little vertical lines.

I was watching tv while doing these nails and accidentally smudged the black all over my skin! Oops! 

Next I added the skeleton's nose. It's pretty basic; it's 2 small lines that form a 90 degree angle...or a triangle missing a side (in case you can't see that for yourself): 

Its eyes are next! I used a basic black polish and a nail dotter and put 2 dots where the eye sockets would be, but I slightly dragged the "eyes" downwards to create more of a teardrop shape and less of a circle. 
He's all done!!!!

The ring finger's web was created with Stripe Rite in white. It was really hard to capture a picture of the web because its color isn't that far off from My Vampire Is Buff. But here's my effort:

I drew the 4 long vertical lines first then added the U shapes horizontally one at a time per section of web (hope that makes sense). 

I wanted to make the Frankenstein nail pop! Pinkies are always the "reject" nails, so I had to make the pinky extra special!!!

I added the hair first with my Stripe Rite. I used a medium nail dotter to add the white background of the eyes. Then I took a small-medium nail dotter and added the black to the eyes. I created the mouth the same way I made the skeleton's mouth. 

The pumpkin nail was the easiest. I took an orange striper brush and outlined the pumpkin in 2 "rainbow shapes." Then I filled it in with Maybelline Sweet Clementine. The green color for the pumpkin is a Stripe Rite. 

The mummy was the last nail that I did. I arbitrarily placed the lines to create the mummy's wrappings, but I made sure to draw the lines where I could have a good spot to draw the mummy's eyes. I filled in the space with Stripe Rite in black. I took a big nail dotter and put the 2 eyes. I then took my Stripe Rite in red and gently added the veins in the eyes. After I added the red lines, I took a medium nail dotter and added the black dots to finish the eyes!!! 

I sealed these nails with Seche Vite and now I'm going to bed!!! I might do a video tutorial on these nails...which would be my first ever! Eek!

Without flash: 

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