Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Galaxy nails

These are some quick galaxy-inspired nails that I did! I love them! Galaxy nails are great because they don't have to be perfect...and I don't do perfection this is "perfect" for me! :)

Nail pictorial of my galaxy nails! 
Polishes used to create this look! Colors are:
The glitter polish is a random Charlotte Russe polish; the blue is Essie Butler Please; the magenta-ish is Essie The Lace Is On; the darker blue is Oh My Gosh Cobalt Blue; and the light blue is Sally Hansen Blue-Away. 
The base is Cobalt Blue. 
I then added a layer of the CR glitter. It has different shades of blue, purple, and silver glitter flecks. 
I lightly sponged on some of the Blue-Away. In case you have never done this method before, just know that you need hardly any polish on the edge of the sponge. 
Like I said before, it doesn't need to be perfect! Yay for imperfections! 
I also sponged a little Butler please on the edges of the light blue "blobs." 
So hard to get a decent image of this look on my night...haha...
Anyway, I added a light bit of The Lace Is On randomly in the galaxy patches on each nail. 
This is what my sponge looked like after I was finished:
I added another thin layer of the glitter polish and a top coat! 

Different angles of this mani:

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